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Your Internal Stock Market

Written By Damian Martinez DC on April 11, 2018

Just turn on the news and you will get bombarded with information on the DOW Jones and S&P index stocks. Many of us have invested in the market either personally or within a 401K. People invest in these financial vehicles in the hopes that someday we can experience the fruits of compounding interest and dividends. Most people want financial security in the future and are told that if they set aside a small fraction throughout their career over time; the financial goal will most likely be achieved.

By the way, I fully support this idea in general and encourage saving money. It is important to restrain on unnecessary and wasteful spending. Many find themselves at 65 years or older with financial security; but most people (this include good and bad planners), do not invest well in the most VALUABLE ASSETT which is their HEALTH.

I can tell you that I see a fair amount of both scenarios after 26 years in practice in south Florida.  Patients present with degenerative conditions of many varieties that are largely lifestyle related. A solid plan of preventative action was never put in place in order to minimize or mitigate the development of disease. Many do not even realize how much damage they have accumulated over the years.

You see, the tendency is to put our health off and not even have a maintenance strategy. Some put off their health until they are in a crisis and end up in a DIS-EASE state. Which to me is a tragedy!

The end result is that we end up taking 10-12 medications, have to undergo hip or knee replacements and have to scramble and deal with Medicaid or Medicare. Some even blow out their hard earned assets (if they have them).  Sounds sound like fun? 

So I ask this question, “What is your Internal Health Stock Market Strategy?” Your most valuable asset is YOUR HEALTH! It affects you and everyone around you!

I would like to illustrate a simple concept that may be helpful and that can help keep you on track. A wheel does not roll well when it is out of balance, nor does your body or any of its systems!

Whatever you do to bring a better balance in all the primary areas of your life will bring about more optimal conditions within you to heal. You will be able to adapt better and be more efficient to any physical, mental, mechanical and chemical stress.

Balance these areas in your life and your “INTERNAL STOCK MARKET” will soar to HIGH new levels!!!

  1.  Spinal Wellness: your nervous system regulates ALL FUNCTION! Keep your spine aligned and move efficiently. This has far reaching benefits far beyond mere pain relief. Get Adjusted Regularly!
  2. Diet: 80% of what you see in the mirror starts and ends in the kitchen! You can’t out run the kitchen. GET THIS RIGHT!!! Have discipline, be selective, select high quality foods for you and your family. Also remember to hydrate regularly with high quality water!
  3. Mental Fitness: Get your mindset right. Meditate daily, write down goals (yearly, monthly and weekly). Visualize yourself in the ideal condition and focus on that! Most importantly PRAY at least 2x/day!
  4. Family time: Make time to spend with those you love. SCHEDULE IT IN!
  5. Hobbies: Find something you love to do and that is also good for your health. FIT IT IN!
  6. Vocation: Work hard, but don’t let it run your life and precious time! BALANCE THIS OUT!


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