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Treating Symptoms of Whiplash with Chiropractic Care

Written By Martinez Chiropractic Center on January 5, 2018

Recovering from a car crash might be more effort than you know. 

While the accident may last only seconds, the lingering damage can stay with your body for months after. 

Whiplash injuries are especially dangerous, as you might not feel the full impacts of the accident for weeks or even months after it occurs. 

If you have recently been in a crash, it’s important to treat you back as carefully as you treat your car. Otherwise, you risk living with the physical impacts of the accident for years to come. 

Whiplash Treatment After a Car Accident

Seatbelts might keep you alive during an auto accident, but they can cause significant damage to your back and spine in the process. 

The force involved in an accident puts a tremendous amount of pressure on your body, especially if your car is slammed from behind. The whiplash that this kind of accident causes can lead to damage to your supporting muscles and connective tissue in your neck and back. 

Injuries from a car accident can reveal themselves in your body in a wide variety of ways, including neck pain, upper back and shoulder pain, headaches, chronic fatigue, and more. 

There are so many factors in every car crash that it can be close to impossible to predict the symptoms you will suffer from. This is why visiting a chiropractor for whiplash treatment is essential after every accident, no matter how mild it might have seemed. 

How Chiropractic Care Can Help with Whiplash Treatment

Meeting with a chiropractor after a car accident is one of the best things that you can do to ensure that your back doesn’t suffer from lingering damage. 

At your appointment, your chiropractor will carefully observe and manipulate your back to address where soft tissue or vertebra are out of alignment to bring them back into their ideal positioning. 

Over time, this whiplash treatment will prevent your back from overcompensating from injuries and will keep you from dealing with chronic pain. Truly, a few chiropractic sessions immediately after the accident can save you from pain for years to come. 

Whiplash Treatment in Miami, FL

At the Martinez Chiropractic Center, we make it a priority to keep your back in the best shape possible. When you come into our center for whiplash treatment, we will use a combination of massage therapy, exercise therapy, and similar procedures to minimize the long-term impacts of your auto accident. 

Make an appointment today to experience the benefits for yourself. Just call (305) 388-7577 to get started. 

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