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The Hidden Injuries that can Occur Without Proper Car Accident Treatment

Written By Martinez Chiropractic Center on March 6, 2019

We’ve all seen images from car accidents, and frankly some can look pretty gruesome.

If you see someone with a bloody nose or obviously wincing in pain, then it’s easy to see something is wrong.

But what about the injuries that aren’t as obvious after a car accident? Do those aches and pains that still linger after two weeks indicate something more serious?

Hidden Injuries After an Auto Accident

Not only can an auto accident be a major disruption to your everyday life, but it can also leave behind several long-term effects. This is where chiropractic care can be a major benefit.

What do you need to be aware of as you’re seeking car accident treatment:

1. Whiplash

Whiplash is a sudden, hyperextension of the neck. This is often associated with the head rocking forward rather violently. When whiplash occurs, the ligaments around your neck and spine could be stretched or even torn.

If whiplash isn’t properly treated, it could lead to neck pain, stiffness, dizziness, headaches- these are just a few of the symptoms you could experience.

Whiplash isn’t isolated to only the neck either. You can feel the effects in your shoulders, back and your arms. If left untreated, you could be facing months, potentially years, of chronic pain from whiplash. The symptoms may seem minor, but could potentially cause pain for a very long time.

2. Brain Injuries

Did you know that you could suffer a brain injury without even hitting any surface at all? The fast, violently jerking motion from a car accident is enough to cause a traumatic injury to your brain.

Whether it’s a contusion or a concussion, you could experience dizziness, lightheadedness, confusion, or drowsiness from a car accident. It’s important that you involve a chiropractor in your car accident treatment plan and have the chiropractor properly evaluate you for these types of brain injuries.

3. Knee and Shoulder Injuries

Many people associate a car accident with a neck injury but the sudden force can cause serious trauma to your knees and shoulders as well.

It’s possible the impact could cause the cartilage in your joints to break, twist, or tear. The result is long-lasting pain and needs to be treated properly.

Don’t Wait to Seek Car Accident Treatment

There are many injuries associated with a car accident. It’s important to involve the proper chiropractic care immediately when formulating your car accident injury treatment plan.

Contact Dr. Martinez today by visiting our website or calling 305-403-2595 and we can make sure a thorough evaluation is performed so you can get on with a pain-free life.

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