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Chiropractic Treatment for Pain Relief - Safe Alternative to Opioid Use

Written By Martinez Chiropractic Center on October 17, 2018

It’s hard not to watch the news these days without seeing a story related to opioid abuse.

While the stories are usually extreme, the opioid epidemic is beginning to affect our lives every day in some way. 

Perhaps you or a loved one have been prescribed an opioid for the management of pain. Or maybe you have found yourself using opioids on a regular basis. You are tired of the side effects of the drugs and not receiving the relief you know you need. You are now searching for an alternative, or asking if there even is an alternative?

Pain Relief Alternatives – What Are My Options?

The growing crisis of opioid addiction has caused the medical community to recognize the importance of non-drug treatments. 

Chiropractic care is now recommended to be considered first, along with other non-drug therapies, before the prescription of pain medicine. Chiropractors can work in conjunction with primary care physicians and other members of a medical team for your care. 

In the ongoing battle with pain management, it’s important to know you have drug-free alternatives available to you, such as exercises, massage therapies, heat therapy, and spinal realignment. These are just a few of the pain relief alternatives that a chiropractor can recommend for you.  

Natural Pain Relief Is Possible

Chiropractic care can be an integral part of your overall health plan for natural pain relief. A chiropractor can evaluate your symptoms and customize a treatment plan specifically for natural pain relief.

The staff at Martinez Chiropractic are trained in the latest non-drug therapies for pain relief. Your treatment could include realignment of the spine, spinal manipulation, and posture evaluation. These are just a few ways you can be on a path to natural pain relief, without the harmful side effects of opioids. 

How Do I Begin Chiropractic Treatment for Pain Relief?

If you are looking for a safe alternative to opioid use, the very first step is to set up an appointment with the team at Martinez Chiropractic. We are prepared to create a thorough and complete plan for you to naturally relieve you of your pain. Call (305) 388-7577 today to get started right away and begin to live your best life.

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