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Category: Low Back Pain

Understanding Chiropractic as a Natural Headache Treatment

Written By Martinez Chiropractic Center on July 10, 2018

Headaches have the unpleasant ability to ruin your day. Whether it intensifies as the day goes on or comes on suddenly, they can be debilitating, uncomfortable, and distressing.  However, 9 out of 10 Americans get headaches, whether it’s occasionally or frequently.  And... Read More

Why Choose Chiropractic as Your Go-To Low Back Pain Treatment?

Written By Martinez Chiropractic Center on June 11, 2018

Low back pain is something that will plague 8 out of 10 people during their adult life. From dull aches and pains that won’t go away - to sudden, sharp pains that can incapacitate - back pain may start to... Read More

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